Fort Lauderdale tunnel

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The building permit applications are in to Broward County's building department and past the public review NIMBY stage. Expected opening Apr/May 2016.

iFLY's new tunnel will be located on SR84 about 1.8 miles East of the I-75/I-595 interchange or for those more familiar with the area .8 miles East of Flamingo Road on SR 84 (SR 84 is S of and parallel to I- 595). I was given the street address but misplaced it - will try to upload a jpeg from google earth.

Just happened to be speaking to iFLY Orlando the other day and we discussed this and a few other things.

Orlando will be getting a new single or double also.

Will be kind of sad for me to see the old one go even though I've only been going there for a year or so.

Sticker shock may be hell when the old tunnel disappears. :( $$$

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No further word on the late June overnite camp I was previously told is being scheduled . Quite sure my source was as good as it gets but as Roberta Mancino said at 4:53 during the vid below "You never Know".


May try to do a reservation tomorrow.

Probably will call to see who to email since I was told a new person has been given the responsibility of overnight camp management.

Gotta get back in there - I'm gettin' the shakes from withdrawal. :) :( ??

Don't need a needle but so need the Tube.

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After wanting to find out exactly how far away I will be from the new iFly Broward Tunnel, I was able to obtain what I believe will be the new address for the upcoming tunnel:

11690 West State Road 84, Davie FL

Here is the link to the information: http://konoversouth.com/properties/plaza-at-davie/

Yea....let's just say I live appx. 3 miles away! YAYAY for me - ouchie for my wallet - but all awesomeness!

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