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I just wanted to write a review for Dusty and Reese, tunnel instructors at the Ogden Tunnel.

Basically, they rock. Ive done about 5 hours with them in the last two months and they are amazing to work with. Of course they are awesome flyers, years and years in the tunnel will do that, but more than that they are very very good teachers. Always positive, happy, and really push you hard.

I've got a lot of experience with teaching/instruction and formal education on that topic through years of both ski and flight instruction. They have definitely learned the art/science of teaching and know what they are doing.

Can't say enough good things.

Doesn't hurt that the Ogden tunnel is the cheapest in the US.

Anyways, if you are considering doing some tunnel time, they are good options.


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+1 !!!! And there are a bunch of NorCal people who will agree with me. I learn so much more in the time out here that it makes the plane ticket and hotel worth it since I would pay more than that to spend more time learning the same thing at my home tunnel. I don't know what it is, but they definitely have the mojo that keeps bringing me and my friends back! :)

Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)

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Yes they are and don't forget Devin :)

My Boy with Devin working on his sit



Life is Short and we never know how long we are going to have. We must live life to the fullest EVERY DAY. Everything we do should have a greater purpose.

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