iFLY Orlando May 10, 2014 Overnight Camp

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It was last night or this morning. Hell, I'm so whipped I don't know if it is day or night thanks to not being able to follow coaches directions to get my arms out front instead of to the side at 90 degrees. I must have a mental block or something. Other than that it was like Tony the Tiger Greeeaaat. Coaches Benji and Chris were the best and took me from 6 minutes to 36 throughout 2 - 15 minute blocks and getting me stable in all axis except sit, head down and the very difficult skills/progressions that take a lot more time.

It looked as though everyone was very happy with their improvements.

It was a strain for me to get through the 30 minutes especially the 2nd 15 but a lot of stretching during the 1 hour break did the rejuvenation job. My mistakes really strained my shoulders but I will improve their endurance prior to my next overnight camp which is the only way to go for someone like me 200+miles away from iFLY Orlando.

All kiddin' aside I believe all their coaches are top notch but right now I only know a few - realistically I would trust any of them.

For me the light bulb turned on around the 3rd flight of the 1st 15 min block. That was unreal when I got in the zone WOW.

Real sore today but rehabbing with Bourbon on ice. Working perfectly and more fun than aspirin or ibuprofen.

God - I wish i had a bag of money nowadays - they'd get it all. LOL

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I know when I feel like I am getting a mental block, I switch it up the next round. I don't know what time you were there but we did a game of "tunnel ball" for the last round of my first 15 minute block. That silliness was enough to rejuvenate me and I cam back for the next 15 doing layouts and head down! Daniel and Benji were awesome as always and I have never left one of these camps feeling bad. I always learn something new and get better at the old stuff.

http://vimeo.com/94882141 <---tunnel ball video

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