iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

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iFLY Orlando's next overnight skydiver camp is going to be held August 17th, from 11pm - 8am. Same details apply -

It is $575 per hour plus tax, coaching included, gratuities for the instructors are appreciated. We will be flying from 11pm – 8am, and all attendees should be able to arrive by 10pm. 15 minutes minimum – 1 hour max per person available in increments of 15 minutes.

Anybody who is interested in attending should email [email protected] with:

- How much time they would like to fly that night
- Skydiving and tunnel experience
- What they would like to work on during their flight sessions

1st come 1st serve on open slots and all payment will be handled via credit card a week prior to the camp. No refunds, but if you are unable to attend the money will be kept on your account.
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I wish I could make this camp but I'll be out of town. I am definitely in for October though! Can't get enough tunnel! Ifly Orlando PLEASE email me the October schedual. Thanks

Might work faster if you emailed them asking for it :)
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