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For those that have been to iFly Dubai was it worth it as a beginner? or and lower time jumper working on their skills? I'll be there in a few days and was just looking to see what I should expect. Do they have rental gear such as different style of suits and helmets (G3 in XXL hopefully) for rental use.

Heck, at this point any information you can tell me about the place and what to expect would be greatly appreciated.


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It is in the middle of the Playnation @ MIRDIF mall. It is not too bad. The Instructors that are there are pretty good. They have a special going on where you can buy an hour for 700ish USD for First Time flyers. First time = First time at IFLY DUBAI.

They do not have a selection of gear. Everyone gets the same suit and the same helmet. If you want to fullface you need to bring it. There are a few different instructors there. I do not remember his name but the black guy is the most friendly and one of the better fliers.

The guy who gave me lessons I felt was not a great teacher. I wasnt getting some of the things that he was saying and it seemed that he was making fun of me rather than helping. I spent 15 minutes and the first 2 flights I didnt get a lot of help. Then every 2 flights they shut the tunnel down and I got a lot of instruction which helped me better. At first he just kept making some pretty stupid movements.

It is a small tunnel but powerful enough to do vertical. Have fun.
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