Ifly Hollywood Tunnel Competition

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The International BodyFlight Association (IBA) is pleased to announce the iFLY Hollywood stop of the 2013 IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition Tour on Saturday February 23rd, 2013.
Indoor Skydiving? Yes it’s flying in a vertical wind tunnel at wind-speeds of 120 to 150 mph! Athletes will compete in multiple disciplines: 2-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving (2-Way VFS), Solo Neo-Freestyle and 2-Way Formation Skydiving (2-Way FS).

2-way VFS is a discipline of teams of two flying in the wind tunnel performing as many pre-determined formations as possible within 35 seconds. The team with the highest number of completed formations wins. The 2-way competition will have two categories, Intermediate and Advanced, to cater to the upper skill levels.
Neo-Freestyle is a solo performance category that brings two freefall skydiving disciplines together indoors: Freefly and Freestyle. Competitors fly in multiple orientations in a fluent and artistic fashion. Think of it as an extreme gymnastic performance where gravity doesn’t exist. This year iFLY Hollywood will offer a Rookie and an Advanced category!
To incorporate our many novice flyers, we have added the entry level competition discipline 2-way Formation Skydiving. Return flyers that have just learned to turn, fly forward/back and up/down will be able to compete in this. To make it even easier to compete, we will host this as a “Scrambles” competition, which means iFLY Hollywood will pair flyers up on the day of the competition so individuals can register by themselves.

Renowned competitors will be judging the competition live on site. Spectators are welcome to watch either live at iFLY Hollywood at Universal Studios City Walk on Saturday, February 23rd beginning at 7:00 pm or watch the highlights on You Tube after the event.

Competitors can register by calling the iFLY Hollywood staff at 818-985-4359. Pre-registration is mandatory and registration is open from today.

The tour will continue on to iFLY SF Bay, iFLY Orlando, iFLY Seattle, iFLY Austin, Freezone in Moscow and SkyVenture Montréal, with more dates and locations to be added. Check the IBA Facebook page for updates.

Registration fee: $80 for one category and $70 for any additional categories

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My mistake it is a liquid sky suit not vertical.
We have a Cookie full face helmet, and clippers tickets. Also skydives from Skydive Elsinore too. Will post more as they come in. Red bull and Dominos are sponsoring the event as well so we will be having fun. If you do not compete come out and watch the great teams.

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