any recommendations for freefly coaches at i fly seattle

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What kind of freeflying? If you're looking for basic stuff there are plenty of people to choose from. If you are looking for head down then there are a smaller number checked off on spotting, so you would need to work with them on their availability and what not.

but check out:

Michael Biederman
Emmet Buchanan
Darren Dos Santos
Cat Adam
Davy Manning

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Does anyone know of some good freefly coaches at I fly seattle or in the area? Thanks for the help..


I've worked with EB (Emmet Buchanan) and very briefly, Cat. Both were great teachers and very nice people.

Once you progress beyond back flying, the instructors charge their own rates for personal coaching in addition to the tunnel time. I was just quoted $200.00/hr in addition to the tunnel time by a different instructor who is not on the list that 3mpire mentioned. I have not worked with him before so I can't comment on his style but I can say that when he found out that I had requested coaching with my upcoming tunnel time, he e-mailed me, introduced himself and checked in with me. Nice touch!

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