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anyone know of a FB site or other that allows people to get together to organise "BULK" tunnel time to facilitate a cheaper rate?

Here we have a FB page for the Singapore tunnel, where folks co-ordinate together and buy 20 hours at a time for the cheaper rate.
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I recently inquired about a discounted rate at Skyventure AZ. I forget the exact pricing but the only discount they have is 20 hours which must be flown in 10 days. The discount won't even come close to covering coaching, which was my hope.

I have found that trying to find people to commit to flying, and actually showing up with cash in hand, is more work than it is worth. I will gladly stick to booking my time through a Skyventure AZ coach at the hourly rate.

On a side note, I was told a couple years ago that iFly Utah will do a great discount rate of just 5 hours and, at the time, it would more than cover the cost of coaching. It is a smaller tunnel but for one on one coaching it is plenty big. It is a recirculating tunnel as well, so less "dirty" air than AZ from what I hear.
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