NH Tunnel Meet - January 19th for FS, January 20th for VFS

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Hi All,

This winter's NH Tunnel Meet will be happening over the MLK weekend in January. 4-way FS will take place on Saturday, January 19th and again include a 2 on 2 player/coach format rookie class meet that will be 5 rounds in the morning and our 10 round afternoon meet that will have intermediate, advanced, and open classes.

Registration costs will remain low and include food, water, video, judging, practice rounds, awards, and give aways.

Last year we had 109 FS competitors field a total of 35 4-way teams - it will be important to register early. Our first registration email will go out later this week to everyone who participated last year, if you'd like to be added to this list, please email me at nhtunnelmeet"at"gmail"dot"com. Please do not post hear or PM me to request more information.

The VFS meet will run under the direction of Ari Perlman and will take place Sunday, January 20th. Please contact him directly for VFS information.

Mass Defiance 4-wayFS website


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Here's the 2way VFS information:

Full meet information can be found at http://www.gottunnel.com/nhtunnelmeet/ Please go there for more information.

Dates: Sunday, January 20th for VFS and Saturday, January 19th for 4way FS

Cost: $90/person regardless of competition class

Registration deadline: First come first serve. Last year we exceeded capacity and had to decline registrations so register early! Register by Thursday, December 20 to receive a free t-shirt. Email NHTunnelMeetVFS"at"gmail"dot"com with the full names of each team member, their email addresses, each person’s t-shirt size, your competition class, and your team name to register. Don’t be a dummy and ask me to save a spot for your unformed team. Email me with all the requested information at once – I won’t register a team without it. I will assume that you want man’s cut, large t-shirts unless you specifically say "man's/women’s cut small/medium/large."

Registration confirmation: Unless you get a confirmation from me saying that you are "all set," don't assume you are registered. I will not save spots or register partial teams. Also please put in the subject line of your email, "team registration for _________ (team name)."

Format: Same as last year, 6-round meet starting at 8:30am or 9:00am depending on the number of teams registered.

Meet Directors: Ben Liston (FS) and Ari Perelman (VFS) Chief Judge: Jim Rees.

Teammate finder spreadsheet: Enter your info here if you are looking for teammates https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ApFFDKFiX0PedHctZnRiUzRwVEtNLTR1cUJVYVB2bEE&hl=en

Huck Jam: Please let me know if there is any interest in a huck jam after the competition is over while we wait for the judging to be finished. If the judges are really on top of it, the huck jam can be moved to after the awards ceremony.

Communication: Please, if you are confused or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me! I will do my best to make this work for everyone and respond to questions. The earlier people register, the sooner I can get out the final schedule.
Wind Tunnel and Skydiving Coach http://www.ariperelman.com

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