Quadraplegic Chris Colwell flying solo in Dubai wind tunnel

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I plan to post a link to this thread in the skydivers with disabilities forum so if that is a big 'no-no' for cross posting-thanks for deleting one of these in that case.

I just felt this video is important enough for the tunnel coaches to see- as I firmly believe this is a 1st ever accomplishment.

Chris contacted me this summer asking how my legs were fixed into position for my tunnel sessions, after seeing my videos.

Clearly Chris, his friend Omar and others devised some exceptionally unique adaptation using pool noodles to help keep Chris' paralyzed arms and legs stable in the tunnel.

Please remember, Chris is paralyzed from the chest down, and elbows down as well- thus the levels you see him flying are completely accomplished by his upper chest, head and shoulders= the only parts of his body he is able to control.

Final note- prior to this session, Chris had flown a couple of times (if you check his channel you'll find the other videos and see how out of control he was- needing to be constantly held by the tunnel coach).
During one of his previous flights his intestines got twisted causing a medical emergency requiring hospitalization/surgery.

This is why you see him wearing the white 'band' (stomach binder) in this most recent video.

This would be very important consideration if anyone was thinking of taking a quadriplegic into the tunnel.
Without any ab muscles to hold those inner organs in place apparently the force of the wind can literally turn your stomach![:/]


(this was his 2nd tunnel flight in Dubai-the one that landed him in the ER with twisted intestines. It's a lengthy video but if you start watching at 5 min. mark you get to see the tunnel flight only- but comparing it to the video posted here the improvement with these new modifications is astounding: -not to leave out his friends who carried that 300lb wheelchair upstairs
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WLAxdOxaWw&feature=relmfu it was after that tunnel flight Chris contacted me to get some direction as to what worked for me.
To become active member in the Bonus Days Club you must very narrowly escape eternal freefall ... one exciting time.)-Pat Works

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Now THAT is an awesome video! :)

I agree!!!! I'm certainly nothing but a novice tunnel flyer (if that LOL 3 hrs in a tunnel is just like having a dozen skydives- just enough to realize you know nothing yet!)

but I do know enough about paralysis and how difficult it was for me to fly levels etc with merely my hands, arms, head and torso- Chris has less then half of what I have when it comes to use of muscles- yet in his 3rd tunnel flight he is flying better then anyone would believe if they didnt see it themselves!

certainly a testament to how determined he is.
I'm excited to see his next tunnel video
To become active member in the Bonus Days Club you must very narrowly escape eternal freefall ... one exciting time.)-Pat Works

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I've followed Chris Colwell for the past few years as a subscriber on youtube, although I've never actually spoke to him.
His story is one that films are made of. It must be one of the most varied lifestyles ever, from being (one of the best) freefliers in the US (if not the world) to his traveling lifestyle
now (he hangs out with the royalty of Saudi Arabi) - He actually does more as a quad than most fully able'd people do in a lifetime. Very interesting (and adventurous) personality.

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