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The tunnel is really hard on a suit. There are some companys that make a sky / tunnel version. Ouragan Suits makes an awesome sky / tunnel suit and I think that Tony suits also makes one. If there is another brand that you prefer you should contact them and see if they can make something for you.
Hope that helps.
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I've used my FliteSuits (Bomber Freefly) for tunnel and sky.

Avoid 2 piece suit, the top won't stay down in the tunnel without the harness to hold it in place, and whatever suit you get, get a reversed/big plastic toothed/covered zipper or any combination of the previous, as the net takes it's toll on standard jumpsuit coil zippers pretty fast.
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I want to get a new FF suit but also want to use it in the tunnel...does it matter what kind you get or can one be used just the same for the other?

Hiya Kim.
I work at Bedford Bodyflight, and can say i have tried out a lot of different types of suits.

It all depends which tunnel you want to fly in most so to speak, if its a more modern powerfull tunel then suits become less important, if its the less powerfull tunnels then suits can become all important while you are learning,

IMO.....(that is MY opinion....lol)
Oragan make an awsome ZP tunnel suit Easily the most powerfull i have tried to date.. (I have 1) i love it

Tony Suits make a tunnel suit that is really good just a little less lift than Oragan's but Value for money you cant beat.(I have 1) Looks really good but a little bit more fragile than Oragans

Fabien from Boogieman, also makes a very nice tunnel suit and has a new material that is apparently (really really) powerfull, i have seen this on Fabian Riedell's suit but not flown it, it feels like very corse cordura...
his normal freefly suits are very nice but i have to work a lot harder to fly it in the tunnel(I have 1)

As for using them for skydiving i personally keep my tunnel suits for the tunnel...and sky diving suit for just that..

one thing is for sure what ever suit you buy the tunnel will eventually eat it....lol
more so with ZP if you hit the net a lot as it slices straight through.

If you are Slight to medium build female you will prob get away with a normal suit for both..

hope this hasnt bored yo to tears, and helped a little ...lol


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I LOVE my Freak N Suit. I bought it when I was still jumping to be used both as a sky suit and a tunnel suit. I was such a pain in the ass when they were making it as far as specifications about this and that and the manufacturer was happy to listen to me and work with me to get exactly what I wanted. The suit is awesome for slower tunnels, but too baggy for faster tunnels. I still use it every time I am in the tunnel. It has about 10 hours on it and is just now starting to show any wear.
Some friends of mine have Ouragan suits and seem to love them. I think that a zero-p suit would probably be too slow for the faster tunnels, but I think they make non zero-p tunnel suits too.
I have also heard that liquid sky suits are nice, but I don't know too much about them. Anyway, I hope that helps and you find a great suit to fit your needs.
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I have an Ouragan free fly suit that hooknswoop helped customize so that it would be reinforced for use in the tunnel. Yes, I know they have a tunnel suit, but we just modified their free fly suit and it's great. I can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed it!

Just be careful--tunnelmom found that the legs on her suit were problematic in the tunnel because they just used velcro with open slits down at the ankles, so the legs caught a lot of wind and it was a problem for sit flying. She loves her suit and was going to have that modified, but it's something to keep in mind when you're ordering, no matter who you go through.
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