Skyventure Colorado Instruction = success in AFF

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Kudos to Skyventure Colorado.

I did the AFF level 7 jump for one of the guys who participates in the "adult league" at SVCO. This was his last AFF jump.

It was one of the best AFF jumps I ever have done. Heck, it was one of the most fun I have ever done too. I am looking forward to fun jumping with this guy.

We had a non-orthodox dive flow because he had already accomplished everything on previous dives, and even had a tracking dive under his belt already.

He said, "can't we just do something relaxing". So I built a relaxing fun dive that for someone with an A licence without tunnel time would have been daunting and challenging. It required skills that are beyond the A licence.

I looked at my altimeter in freefall. He must have thought I was a bit worried about the altitude since we were close, so he used his hands to sign language to me the altitude he was going to pull at. This was a first, never have I had a student tell me with sign language, "don't worry, I still remember my pull altitude."

I was completely convinced he was totally relaxed, having fun, and knew where he was at.

Then he whipped a fast center point leg turn, smiled at me, waved off and pulled. He flew the pattern without any assistance, and then landed three feet away from me. Some say tunnel rats still crash their canopies, he proved them wrong. God, he did not even make me walk a step to debrief his landing, which was stand up on a hot no wind day. The closest accuracy I have ever seen from an AFF student.

I asked, "tell me about that 360 you did after you told me your pull altitude." He said, "I just wanted to see how fast I could whip a turn."

Whatever the guys at Skyventure Colorado (yes they are my friends so I am bias) are feeding their students, they need to bottle it and sell it to more...

Communication skills from this guy were some of the best I have seen in freefall. He clearly communicates often to his instructors in the tunnel and was able to use those skills with me. I have seen coaches and instructors struggle with communication, so this is an awesome skillset from a student.

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That's our Matt! Nice job. Pretty soon you'll just be jumping with the "cool" skydivers. At least I can say I knew you when. ;)

I'm glad AFF was such a cake walk for you. Be careful up there and have a great time! Save a two-way in the tunnel for me. :D

TPM Sister #102

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