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There are a large number of Dropzone.com members that are either owners or full-time employees in the vertical wind tunnel industry. I have posted a list below of the ones I have been able to round up, intended as a list of familiar contacts if you have technical, operational, or event related questions about a particular location. This is by no means a complete list - if you know of more that are dotcommers, please let me know via PM. I will continually edit this list to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

The list (updated 11 February 2013):

Company (Location) - dropzone.com username - Real Name (Job Title)

[LI]AAC L1 Tunnel (US - NC) – johnsuiter – John Suiter (Chief Instructor/Sales Agent)[/LI]
[LI]Airkix (UK) – sward – Simon Ward (Chairman & CEO)[/LI]
[LI]Bodyflight Bedford (UK) – paulipod – Paul Mayer (Managing Director)[/LI]
[LI]Bodyflight Bedford (UK) – djd – Dave Danskin (Instructor & Shift Manager)[/LI]
[LI]Flyaway Las Vegas (US - NV) – vegasbrad - Brad Hess (Manager)[/LI]
[LI]Flyzone (FR) – flyzone-france - Vincent Van Laethem (Manager)[/LI]
[LI]iFly Hollywood (US - CA) – sffudapparel – Tyler Roemer (Instructor)[/LI]
[LI]iFly SF Bay (US - CA) – kentsessions – Kent Sessions (Owner)[/LI]
[LI]Indoor Skydive Roosendaal (NL) – erwinvdb – Erwin Van Den Braak (Manager)[/LI]
[LI]Skydive Arena Wind Tunnel (CZ) - vadimuskoro - Vadimus Koro (Sport Flight Promoter)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure Arizona (US - AZ) - jonjohnson Jon Walker (Instructor/Coach)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure Arizona (US - AZ) - mrjjumps Josh "Dog" Mitchell (Instructor)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure Colorado (US - CO) – hooknswoop – Derek Vanboeschoten (Instructor)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure Hollywood (US - CA) – srusty1234 – Steven Straley (Instructor)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure New Hampshire (US - NH) – freefalling2day – Laurie & Rob Greer (Owners)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure New Hampshire (US - NH) – T-Girl – Tanya Hannington (Instructor)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure Utah (US - UT) – teamlf – Scott Palmer (Instructor)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure XP (US - NC) – paraclete – Tim D’Annunzio (Owner)[/LI]
[LI]Skyventure XP (US - NC) – kirkverner – Kirk Verner (Manager)[/LI]

If you are looking for a wind tunnel directory, there is good one here. Be sure and contact the owners of that site to make sure what you are reading there is up-to-date.

Good flying . . .
Arrive Safely


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This list is just a start - names are used with permission, with the exception of my two local contacts who I felt comfortable posting based on personal knowledge and their posting history in this forum.

Two of you that responded via PM to my earlier post have not yet granted me permission to use your names . . . as soon as you do so I will be able to add two more US locations to the list.

Feel free to PM me names of anyone else you know about . . .
Arrive Safely


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