Elderly tunnel flyers

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Can anyone tell me about experiences with elderly flyers in a wind tunnel? My gran, who is soon to be 84, has decided that she wants to try it!
No this wasn't my idea.. :)From an initial enquiry to a tunnel instructor it appears that it's not necessarily such a crazy idea, she satisfies their requirements of not having any back, neck or heart trouble.

If you are, or have taken someone of a similar age flying in a tunnel I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts on it!


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The tunnel is hard on weak shoulders as well, so as long as she also doesn't have shoulder problems and understands how to let the instructor know if she's experiencing any discomfort, she ought to be just fine!

Tell her to smile for the camera and have fun!:)
You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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Personally, I have taken one gentleman that was 93 years old... and one lady that was 87.

They both had a great time. As JP says... provided there are no current ailments and movement is good no problems.

Hope she has a great time

Bodyflight Bedford

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