Meeker Mondays @ Perris still exist?

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well.. I dunno.. but I didn't want you to think we weren't friendly around here! :):P:)
Saturday's are slow around here as I think lotsa people are out jumpin & flyin.. I know I was!!
I'm sure someone who knows will get back to you soon!.. Did you try their website?? or even calling the tunnel?

Pink Suits, Blue Skies & Fast Air,
Dawn Suiter PMTS #3

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Perris Storm does RW tunnel coaching pretty much every weekend, typically in the evening times.

We enjoy working with all skill levels and love watching people progress into being able to do two ways, three ways, and ultimately four ways in the tunnel safely. And, of course, we definitely have fun getting to that point!

PM sent with our contact info.

Bill Morrison
Perris Storm

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