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I'm looking into updating the Norwegian federations material for teaching first time AFF and static line students to fly their canopies, including pattern, observation and landing techniques. I'm hoping to find a sufficiently simple yet good enough way for our instructors to go about the ground course that gives the students the tools they need

We currently have a 10 hour ground school where 1.5 hours are used to practice pattern flying, observation, landing technique, control inputs as well as the simple theory behind downwind vs upwind flying. We do not currently use radios on any of our DZs. Our entire lesson plan can be read using google translate on http://nlf.no/sites/default/files/fallskjerm/dokument/vedlegg_1_600_juli_2013_elev_grunnkurs_line_og_aff_1.pdf . ymmv.

Any tips and tricks on how people out there are organizing the ground course in this respect and if applicable any standard lesson plans from the DZs and federations out there would be greatly appreciated. Any language is interesting.

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