sweat and gear

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Male or female? ;)

No I wouldn't, I don't want them sweating on the harness and on me and my jumpsuit.

As it is I started wearing under armor type shirts so that I can dry out a quickly on the climb to altitude, and there isn't a sweaty cotton t-shirt of mine against the back of their harness on hookup.
"The restraining order says you're only allowed to touch me in freefall"

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I started another post in gear and rigging but wanted to ask the instructors what they think?

Do you regularly let tandem students go without a shirt under the harness? why or why not??


Talked with a packer at Z- hills maybe pre TK the kid (Dude) went up topless wearing his nipple rings.

He landed with only one nipple ring and was a little uncomfortable for a while.B|

One Jump Wonder

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