Cheddar! (AFF & Tandem Instructor Pay)

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Hi and wecome to the forums! B|

A few suggestions:

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Now onto your question - AFF/Is and TAN/Is at my DZ make $37 per jump.

Arrive Safely


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Hi Guys
Im trying (some what unsuccessfully) to get an idea of the sort of earnings an AFF instructor or tandem master could command.
Any ideas?

Many Thanks in anticipation of your help on this matter.


$35 for tandem or video
$5 per student for static line

I am not posting what we make as AFF Instructors... will have every AFF I wanting to work at my dz.
Kim Mills
USPA D21696
Tandem I, AFF I and Static Line I

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And they want to pay the guy with the most training $8 to get them to altitude safely....

Pilots choice to work there or not.

If the pilot is flying at a 182 dropzone to build hours, getting paid $8 a load is a good deal.

Or he could spend $150 an hour to rent a 182 to build hours. Not such a good deal.

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Let's get the thread back on subject, please.

We pay for tandem,

NZ$45 for tandem

NZ$40 for handcam

NZ$10 for editing on computer

NZ$10 for packing

aff is in the future!!
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will see peace." - 'Jimi' Hendrix

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