My head still hurts

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Did a tandem a few days ago that was going ok but could feel that it was trying to wind up. I was able to hold heading but as I reached for the drogue release it started to turn - but not too badly. The opening was harder than usual with the turn inducing a linetwist which resulted in the hardware where the student harness hooks on, compressing my head around the temple area. Not a pleasant sensation!
I always wear a helmet - albeit a soft one - and I believe this saved me from serious injury. I have heard urban legends of TIs having ears ripped off and other nastys in similar circumstances. Does anyone else have a story to tell.....?
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cajones on here got a dime to nickel sized chunk taken out of his ear, and I believe he was wearing a hard helmet.

Try running your chest strap a couple inches looser, it can save your ears and will help prevent those line twists.
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jumped for a while time without helmet.

Risers have caused me -
bloody fingers (don't try to control the opening)
bloody neck and ears (no helmet)
hits causing headaches

It is worth it to wear a helmet - openings can really hurt!

A friend of mine couldn't jump for two days from getting his head (with protec) stuck between the risers.

... it's still skydiving ;)
Have fun!

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