Beagle Boogie Boys Chant

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Ok, this isn't about the Original Beagle chant but a reply chant that came out of the Northwest, probably Idaho. I heard it it from some guys, at least 15 years ago at Lost Prairie.
It started off "Cat shit, rat shit, fry it in a pan" and ended up with "We're the " name of group, "Motherfuck You"

If anyone out there knows the complete chant and its origins I'd like to hear from you.


Main goals in life: Be on the "Jumpers Over Eighty" (JOE) World Record and attend the Lost Prairie Boogie once after I'm gone.

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I semi-remember it from the 70's, and I probably remember more of the 70's than nearly any other Idaho jumper of the time.;) All I recall of it is the ending, "... we're the Beagle Boogie Boys, who the fuck are you?"

-- Jeff
My Skydiving History

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