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The patch was the result of long hours with a compass, ruler, and map of Florida on my kitchen table in late 1970 or early '71 and coincided with naming the team Ten High Bunch (triggered in part by the film The Wild Bunch - with the rest a fairly transparent double entendre - it was the '70s, after all).

The first attachment, which I just posted on another thread, shows the first seven of us at the '73 Nationals in Tahlequah. (From the top: Tony "Ferret" Patterson, Hooper, Phil "Foul" Smith, Don "Fog" Fournier, Dennis Glaves, Steve Noonan, and Ron Brissey. The three behind Tony were "T-Bow" Smith, Billy "Yossarian" Revis, and Jeff "Ferndock" Searles.) The second attachment shows an original Z'hills 10-man patch and one designed by Tony.

They still look the same today...and are still being earned.

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