Skydiving Hall of Fame weekend

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The annual fundraiser and skydiving Hall of Fame weekend will be held Oct. 1-4 at Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. and the Marriott Hartford hotel. If you have any interest at all in the history of our sport, and you want to meet some of the pioneers and legendary jumpers, try to get up there for one or two days. It's not just older jumpers telling stories (though there is plenty of that). It's a fun-filled weekend with a pro-am six-way event, plenty of fun jumping, a couple of big aircraft, and a lot of hanging out. It's a charitable event, and any money you spend goes toward the building of the National Skydiving Museum, which we're hoping will be built and open in the next couple of years down in Florida.
SCR-442, SCS-202, CCR-870, SOS-1353

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I plan on stopping in during the event. The one benefit of my broken ankle, I am not stuck doing tandems and wishing I could attend.

If you see a guy with a weird peg leg device hobbling around say hello! :P

"The restraining order says you're only allowed to touch me in freefall"

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I was only able to stop by at the Pioneers Lunch on Friday as my wife and I had an early flight to Australia the next morning. I had a thrill reconnecting with Lew Sanborn, D-1, my instructor and jumpmaster at Orange 53 years ago.

[inline patandlew.jpg]

I was part of the nominating team to get Paul "Pop" Poppenhager D-47 inducted and I gave him a pencil drawing I did from a 1962 photo.

[inline pop.jpg]

I had some legends of the sport autograph a page that contained my first jump certificate.

[inline cert.jpg]

Many of the attendees said they would submit stories and photos for DZGone.com
B-4600, C-3615, D-1814, Gold Wings #326, Diamond Wings #152.

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