Walking on Air - Skydiving video 1982

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From "down under"...nice 45 minute vid, covers the skydiving scene from static line first jumpers to an Aussie boogie with DC-3, RAAF chinook jumps, early canopy RW, some cutaways.
Old style- Frap hats, Protec hockey helmets, belled jump suits and swooper goggles....
And the yanks - USA "Mirror Image" 8 way team:

(I see Norman Kent in the credits for some aerial filming....)

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Another trip down memory lane.

@33:35 Guy in the blue jumpsuit was on my 400th jump.
Canopy Stack
Pilot Bill McVinish
Then Paddy McHugh
Steve McCurley
Dave McEvoy
Gary McMahon
Stew McNee
My first 3, 4 ,5 stack and Canopy rotation. Lots of beer
Watch my video Fat Women

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Another trip down memory lane.

Their first jump/student training was a lot more involved than mine.
But then again, mine was more involved than this one:

"O.K. now you'll be coming out here and you'll be doing a stable fall - face down -frog modified. Now out here comes the static line 'cause it goes like from this to here see, and then the pilot chute will open and it'll pull the bridle out and then the main canopy will be open see, 'cause they're all connected,
and then you'll be down here and you'll be looking up here at the WDI indicator and you'll also going to check for Mae West and if that's not there then you need to check here for 4 panels and a hole.
Then when you come down you're gonna find the piece and you're gonna land over here and you're going to get in this position - except you don't wanna do that - because that means you in trouble, so what you want to do is you wanna get right here and then you're gonna come round here and you're gonna fold up and you're gonna do a toggle and jettison and always watch the horizon O.K?.."

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This sure brings back memories! I made my first jump 33 years ago today.

I became one of those frap hat wearing RW junkies as quickly as I could and had 600 jumps by the end of '85. Jumping a state of the art Mirage2 container with a Fury and a swift reserve. I still have my Mirage and it's still air worthy.

Great movie of the way it was back then! At least the parts I can remember! ;)
I'm back in the USA!!

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