Anyone jump in the 1970s in Montreal?

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This is a long shot, but I am pretty curious. Hopefully this is okay to post here.

I found one of my dad's old log books and have really enjoyed reading through it. It would be awesome to "meet" anyone who knew him back than! His name was Gerald MacKimmie, but also went by Jed and Jerry.

The log book had his club name as Georgian Skydivers. He has several other DZs listed throughout Quebec as places he jumped (I can't remember the names off the top of my head, I'll check). A few people mentioned were Jerry Doyle, Nancy, Jeff, Don, Jacqui, and Trevor (no last names on those ones).

It seems like the early 1970s and I think he eventually got out of the sport after the third time he shattered his leg.

Thanks if anyone has any insight! I have a few old photos I could dig up.

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Sorry to reply to my own post, but I had a PM asking for more info and I thought it would be useful for you all too!

I only have one log book plus lots of pink paged inserts. The log book has 1st log book written in it, so I am not sure if there is another or not. The years on this book are 73-75, but I think I also have pink page inserts from 76. This book says he had a B license.

The DZs in this book are mainly St. Antoine, Malone, Berts, Echo Lake with several at St. Antoine being jumps into a campground. There is also St.Jean-Chrysostome, St.Lenard (campground), MacDonald, Cantic, Cape Cod, Magog, Champlain-Sleep Hollow. There is also one location listed as Missisquoi Bay, where they jumped into a lake and met with a boat of scuba divers (he also scuba dove). I’ll attach the newspaper article.

A few other names I will throw out are a 4 man star with Jim MacDonald, Peter Wodg(r)ath, and Don Grime.

Hope that helps anyone! It would be cool to find more info or if not I hope you guys enjoy reading this. ALSO sorry if names or locations are incorrectly spelled – it was hard to read the cursive.

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