Bob Sinclar

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In 1969 I was at a jump meet in Canada that was weathered out. A buddy who was a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force & I had two weeks off & we abandoned the jump meet and drove 24 hours to Elsinore. It was the best 10 days of my life.
During the trip south we were taking turns driving my ’69 Dodge Cornet 500. Somewhere in Utah we switched drivers after a fuel stop. Buddy drove 2 hours the wrong way before I woke up (Dumb & Dumber).
We didn't have much money and our gear was crap but the jump masters at Elsinore took care of us and we stayed in a basement they had rented sleeping on the floor. Can’t remember their names but one was a Marine D.I. – my kind of jump master.
During that week Bob Sinclar was filming a TV commercial with Scratch Garrison, Scratch’s wife and another jumper who I never heard of before. The premise of the commercial was the new type of bottle twist-tops that could even be opened while in free-fall.
Bob was doing the filming with Scratch’s wife and the other guy as the two free-fallers. Bob only jumped old double L canopies because of the heavy camera gear he was carrying and the low opening shock. Scratch packed all his chutes.
There were a couple of times when Bob & the group opened a little low because they kept working on the filming sequences. When you’re standing on the ground and you can not only see someone in free fall, but also hear them – you know they are low!
Anyway Bob had us help with a canopy shot filmed by pulling a double L behind a convertible. He bought us 2 X 7000ft lifts for our help. I was thrilled just to meet the guy after watching Ripcord on TV as a youngster growing up in Canada, let alone get to work with him filming a TV commercial. Guess where my dream on jumping out of airplanes came from!? Now I’d living it with my hero!
That same week some guys from Ford’s missile division showed up at the drop zone and wanted a drop test on a missal cone – you can’t make this stiff up! So the D.I. wangled a free lift for us to “help” him drop the thing while some guy from Ford filmed it with a high speed camera on the ground. We did a hop and pop at landed next to the cone & they paid us for another 2 X 7000 ft lift to help them dig it out of the dirt.
How much better can it get? Well ....
How about Carl Boenish showing up and we end up on a lift with him while he does some camera work! This happened and I have the signed log book to prove it!
The last day we had the Howard and the King Air up trying to get us our 8 man patch. No luck, it was fright trained at 6. But afterwards we all went to the Rumble Seat & make I made Cardinal.
For those who were never there the Rumble Seat was a bar neat to the DZ. They hung the pilot chutes from those who had “thundered in” over the pool table. Blood and all. There was some kind of drinking thing called Cardinal Puff Puff. The walls were covered with skydiving photos. The guy that ran the place was a woffo who wore French jump boots but nobody cared.
When I die I want to spend eternity living those 10 days over and over. BTW we blew the motor out of the 500 on the way back to Canada.

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Yea was just asked yesterday about him on FB... sure wish i could go visit him, hell of a guy.

Weird...this is about the 5th time I heard Bob's name in the last 3 days.

Anybody have any current info on him?

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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Well Mr. C348, that was a great first post on dz.com.

You don't owe us beer for that, but you do owe us any more good stories you have from the old days, for the History & Trivia forum. Really scary stories go into the "Scary stories from the old days?" thread.


When I die I want to spend eternity living those 10 days over and over.

And the newbies would think that jumping rounds and only getting 7k would mean they went to Hell.

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Hi Mr C348

Second time;)

I heard so much detail about the rumble seat bar.;)

The pilot chutes and the owner wearing the frencies is priceless :D:D

Owe you one for that, we want more, please stick around,

Scratch lurks DZ .com, at least some times.

Maybe one of the computer wizard's can hook you with a email address.


One Jump Wonder
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