Awarding HALO Free Fall Badges

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I work with the Golden Knights Alumni Website. Many Knights and other jumpers participated in the early 1960 HALO Test Project.

In recent years, one of their leaders, Roy Martin, secured the Military Free Fall Parachutists Badge for the participants in that test project. Roy has since passed on to Blue Skies, but he left me with the list of people who have not yet received their orders regarding this award (and a copy of their orders).

Can you help me find these people or their survivors:
Bailey, Robert A
Bolton, David E
Carroll, William M
Dunphy, Richard
Hamilton, Gilbert L
Heisel, Christian H
Mertzig, Thomas F
Newman, Paul S
Ray, James F
Rodrigues, Eugene R
Ward, Richard F
Yost, Charles F

You can see a photo the group at:

Thank you for your help -Gina

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