Looking for an Ash Dive image from over a decade ago

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It seems like a gazillion years since alt.rec.skydiving, and I remember being on it not long after I started jumping when I saw an unforgettable image of an ash dive. I can't remember the jumper's name, but I do remember his last name started with a "C". The jumpers in the ash dive made a C formation, and the vidiographer captured the image of a "ghost" jumper - his own shadow on the ashes as they were released. Does anyone remember or have this image? I'll never forget it and would love to see it again.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum - am posting in the memorial forum as well.

Thanks - Blue Skies


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Jerry Carmichael

Chris Fiala did the video.

Here's the start of the thread:


Unfortunately, all the video and stills links are broken. I wasn't able to find it elsewhere, but I'm sure someone has a copy.
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