- Imagine unlimited flight.

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What is dandy: Lyricists of mind; seldom 'chat'
Phat, that
. ------------------------------ The joy in Flying
sky-passion is a dream.
Imagine unlimited flight.
Joy. Passed on, an intellectual fantasy
Neither substance nor grist: few converse on freefall wonders of “If”.
Celebrate Oral sky paintings:
Larry Y. (RIP) , SKR, Roland, Rande (RIP), Magic John (RIP), Carl (RIP) , PYL, Kevin (RIP), Mike, Norman, Jerry, Andy, and Ray
Whose images Illuminate & paintbrush our sky and eye: tête-à-tête, words, airplay, camera, ground RW. . . .
Pregnant With possibilities That choke hearts in potentials & unlock fresh skies
Candy. Cotton candy.

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Unlimited flight

Eternal Freefall

Forever Tracking By Bill Cole D-41 Canada

Those skydivers Who Stepped Off The Earth

Have you ever stood under the midnight sky
And seen silver streaks fly though the dark?
In the wisdom of man they are most often called
Thing like metorites, comets or sparks.
But the truth has been secret since time first began
In this world that we now call our own,
And its time to reveal what those silver streaks are,
It is time for the truth to be known.

In the world before this one there were people like us
And in time they had learned how to fly,
They too dove from aircraft and into freefall
And like us, they had owned all the sky.
But this wouldn't suffice in fulfilling their dreams
So they plotted since the day of their birth,
And eventually found everlasting freefall
As they stepped off the edge of the earth.

So dark was the void, and no packing required
And they learned there was no need to spot,
Although it was cold, speed and friction was there
And their fast bodies really got hot.
Each skydiver flew just as he wanted to
And his dropzone in space was its girth,
Now flying forever we see silver streaks
From those skydivers who stepped off the earth.

The next time you stand neath a dark starry sky
Lift your eyes to behold up above,
And you''ll see old time skydivers as they dive past the moon
And perform in the sport that they love,
Twas a dangerous risk, but the risk brings the gain
Like we've sought since the day of our birth,
They're eternally tracking, just fast silver streaks
Those skydivers who stepped off the earth.

So don't let men fool you with science and such
They don't know how a skydiver dreams,
They can't know the thrill of flying the sky
And their knowledge is small so it seems,
The old time skydivers that live out in space
Took the risk of that dangerous flight,
They will ever be tracking, and lighting the sky
With the silvery streaks of the night,

Bill Cole

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