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I would love to see that! I had just started jumping in 1986, moved to the SF Bay Area. Trekked to Lodi on the weekends. My very first weekend, I walked up to the hangar to see Mirror Image, Coors, and Army dirt diving 8-ways. A couple of months after that, went out to the DZ on a Wednesday afternoon. Bungie said I could follow Mirror Image out of Dause's Beech ("BTW, I don't want to see you" :D). Tom Sanders was videoing. That dive absolutely blew me away! I didn't think it was possible to do the things they were doing, with such control. I've been a RW-junkie ever since. B|B|B|

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There were actually two movies. It's over 30 years since I saw it, but as far as I recall "Mirror Image" featured the team's training jumps for the 1977 world meet, and was about 40 minutes long. The opening scene showed a jumper with his arms crossed being thrown bodily out of a DC3 door, as if being "cast to the winds" - at least, that's how I interpreted it as a novice jumper. There was a load of great music, including Bowie's "Starman" and some Steve Miller tracks.

"Rainbow Magic" was much shorter, and showed the training jumps for the 79 world meet. You can watch the whole of this movie on YouTube, here -

It's a different world, from the days when you could win the world meet with a 6 or 7 point average and 2 yards of separation between points. Those guys had great control, not because of but in spite of (as we now know) huge winged jumpsuits. Call me old-school, but I still think that freefall footage looks more "real" with lots of suit material flapping in the breeze.

So - anyone got a copy of "Mirror Image" to upload? Please, BJ ....


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