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Well, I had a great weekend. I lobbed my French Papillion and an Irvin Delta II Parawing.

I was a bit apprehensive lobbing the Parawing for all the usual reasons, compounded a bit by a helpful tale about a Delta II Parawing fatality from back in the day (where else?) fed into my ear just before closing the pack job...

I'd had a very good brief about how long the deployment might take on the Parawing, given the way the opening shock inhibitor works.

It wasn't necessary. It opened like a lightning strike, which pleased me.

Initial thoughts: 'Good grief Chief, it's tiny!! No! Wait! It's far away.' Very long lines.... :-)


Thanks to Andrew H who has really helped me out with the vintage equipment.

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I'm afraid not. It was just a 'regular' weekend at a UK dropzone.

The other meet happened three or four weeks ago, but I wasn't there. I'm told there is webpage with a bunch of photos of vintage gear being lobbed, but I have not got the link.

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thanks for the small dose of nostalgia...
i made maybe a dozen jumps, in the 70s on a Delta II, a couple of guys in the area, jumped them regularly and allowed certain of us to try them. ( Once outdrove a cloud and 2 strato stars, on a cross country dive, to be the ONLY one who landed ON the DZB|;) because of the Para Wing ).. i also made over 900 jumps on 3 different French Papillons, which many considered the Rolls Royce of round sport mains.....My last one started blowing those taffeta panels, almost every 10 jumps or so.... Finally had to retire it... BUT i cut off and SAVED one of the center stabilizer panels,,, the one with the image of the Papillon!!!!!!!! thanks for the trip down memory lane..
jmy :)a 3914
d 12122
pops 3935

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