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I have created a message board on FaceBook for those of you who would like to send messages, stories and post photos for Bill to see. He has Cancer and is currently in Hosp. til mid week. The page is open, so anyone can write what they like. You have to click on join group and then type in your name on FB. I will OK it. then you can write what you like about your experiences with the Daddy of the SCR Award. His daughters are keeping me informed of his progress. We are all praying that he makes it to Eloy, AZ Nov.9-11 for the USPA Awards and SCR Reunion. He's been a great influence in the sport and I think he'll find the strength and courage to kick Cancers ass when he reads your kind words to him...Thanx :)The name of the FB page is: MESSAGES for BILL NEWELL SCR#3 Founder of the SCR Award...

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I don't do facebook..

But, if someone would FB him for me please tell him, "BIGUN says if anyone can beat this; that old cantankerous fuck can."

We know each other well, and that's what I call him - "Old Cantankerous Fuck."
He calls me something else :)

Thanks in advance.
Nobody has time to listen; because they're desperately chasing the need of being heard.

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