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I was kindly enough provided with some footage and pictures of our vintage jumps last weekend at Langar, UK, so thought I'd share here.

Footage by Darren Walsh at

Pictures by Steve and by Tony Danbury - attached

The Red and Yellow Canopy is a 1991 Russian UT-15
The Rainbow Colours canopy is a 1973 EFA Papillon
The Red and Black Canopy is a 1971 Mk1 Para-Commander

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This is a thread from nearly a year back, but I'm wondering Andrew, what kind of gear the canopies were in.

Looks like modern piggyback rigs with 3 rings? Big student gear? But even with a bag not a sleeve, a ParaCommander is a lot bigger than a Manta or even a typical ParaFoil. So what did you guys find that would fit?

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