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I used to check this 16mm film and a projector out of the public library in the early 80's.B| Used in a couple of speeches as well as just to watch at home.

During the external load exit at 3:18 notice how much bigger the fields are when they exit from when they climb out.:o

I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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I've always had a soft spot for this film.

FWIW, at 6:43, the gal in red/black sitting in the back of the Norseman is Lynn Gamwell. She was my Art History teacher. She had her first malfunction on this jump. It was also the day I made my first jump.
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I found this link on Old School Skydiving. Enjoy...

I used Carl's "Sky Capers" so much as a promo movie that it got broken and spliced over and over. Finally, unable to watch.

If anyone finds a link to Sky Capers please post it. The nostalgia will be enjoyable.

I taught more people to jump because of that movie than any other promo that I did as a DZO.

RIP, Carl, you were terrific.

I am not DB Cooper

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