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yep, Moriarity was on the load. Short of the story is the beech fell over on it's back tail first and then spun in nose down and impacted, all but one guy died.

On dec.5th 1981 N8185H crashed as it turned to final
for a demo into Aloha Stadium, came to rest 300yds
off the bow of the U.S.S. Airzona in 3 1/2 ft. of water.

Byron Black 50 DZO D-4968
Danny Black 20 Pilot of A/C, C-13740
Bobby Black 25 D-5304
Ira "aquaman" Allan 29
William "Moriarity" Burr 43
Randy Cordes 31 C-9092
Steve Harold 21 C-14913
Charles Knaeble 29 D-5329
James Lathrop 31
James "whitey" whiting 33 C-5595 SCS # 20 and founder of "party in paradise"
Roy A. Zinna 27 D-6585

lone survivor:
Mike Salmons bailed out 500 ft. or lower
you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo

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I'm sure there has been a thread or two on dz about the incident, even if they are hard to find. I do recall reading about it on dz some prior time.


Mind you, I can't find much more than what stratostar has already posted -- he seems to be the one guy around here keeping the memory alive.

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