Brian Williams, SCR #8 laid up

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News: Just heard From Brian Williams, SCR #8.
SCR awards launched 46 years ago when Brian entered the first-ever 8-man-star. ( At present 26,000+ have earned their Star Crest.)
Sorry to say our SCR #8 is ailing, saying, "My lungs are in bad shape. I just have no energy whatsoever. With any luck, I'll be around for a bit longer."
.............. Bad news travels like wildfire. Good News travels real slow. Lately, I'm hearing bad news, everywhere I go. - - - . - - - Blue Skies with black clouds....
. . . Everyone is a one-person star - if you want to build something bigger, you gotta do RW.

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From Frank Pate "I don't know Brian, but being a wiz at math, I calculated he must have been in one of the first eight ways. I have a soft spot for skydivers, especially those with a few years under their belt, so give him my best wishes and thank him for setting a standard for me and about ten thousand others like me to achieve. SCR 586 (I think....)... As they say youth is wasted on the wrong people. Thanks Brian.

Linda Perrine Witte " It was good to see Brian Saturday. He had some good stories."
Sandy Harper-Calliham Blue Skies to Brian.....XOXO
Rico Torres Guerrero Hang in there Brian

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Pat, I missed Don's Memorial too. I called Perris and they said it was postponed til Apr 30....Sooooo I thought well, I'll go to the Ashdive on the 30th...Then Jan Meyer told me that night about Kevin Donnelly's death. She also said she posted pics of Dons Memorial...Man did I feel stupid..
Anyway here's a photo that Jan took of Jerry Bourquin and Brian Williams at the Memorial...
Maybe I'll see you on the 30th...

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