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Not sure which year, 1984 maybe, and maybe Z-Hills? Symbosis 16-way. The ones I recognise are Geoff Sanders, Tony Uragallo, Rob Colpus, Dane Kenny, Keery brothers, Esther Reynolds. I'm guessing the Symbiosis 8-way teamed up with some locals to make up the 16-way team.

Al ;)

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From Billy in the pic -

"It was a Z-hills meet and a Symbiosis team who came 2nd or 3rd
People from top left to right -
Sandy Spence (Scottish), ??, Billy Somerville (Scotltish), Geoff Sanders, Tony Uragello, Rob Colpus, ??, Dane Kenny, ??
Bottom row from left
??, Fren Keery, ??, Kath McCormack, Jackie Smith and Fred Keery"

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