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I always tried my best to avoid loads that 'Bullet' (David Williams) was on. Boogies at Warm Springs or WW it was near impossible. I forget which boogie it was, but it was at Warm Springs with Sugar Alpha before all the deaths (including Steve and Howard in Steve's T-28). The jump was a mega blot of some kind and everyone wanted to land in the packing area in front of the trailer. Ron Klukowski was lined up and Bullet front risered to get ahead and below Ron and cut him off at a real low altitude. Bullet was an asshole about it, of course.  In retrospect I wish Ron had clocked him. 

Another time at WW, we were in the Beech 18 and at about the same time the Beech hit the ramp at that one end of the runway one of the motors blew a jug and stopped. We flew through the tree tops - actually saw parts of trees going by the door as the prop on the operating engine cut through them - but whoever was flying that day, maybe Jeff Saunders? was good and nursed it to around 1200 then they told us to get out. Everyone but Bullet lined up and in an orderly fashion bombed out. Bullet kept yelling for everyone to go ahead of him so he could exit last. What a hero!

I was jumping at Rome and was actually on a load in Benny's 182 when it happened. I'd still like to piss on Bullets grave. I lost some people I really liked like Carol, Soapy, Ann, all those Techies and Jeff, of course. What a loss-

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