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He looks so sad. :(

After over 30 years I'm sure he is, alittle, we all were many tears at the LZ on the last load.

And I think thats Yobo's first post, where's the case of beer, but he brought many by himself for years before.

Only the good die young, so I have found immortality,

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I just came across this Cal City thread and had to post. I did my AFF here in 1987 and hung out with Jay, ursella, Danny, Bob and Judy, etc. I was there when we laid Danny at the end of the runway. Talk about fun stuff.

Their was another night that we were hanging out late in the hanger (the old hanger) playing some stupid drinking game. Danny lost a round and started jugging, before he was done he had thrown up in the cup and still finished it all off, vomit and all...NS I have it all on tape. later that night about 30 of us pursued into a pie fight that left the place an absolute mess. Leave it to Mark Hewitt to get things started.

Sorry to hear about Danny.

Another time Mark Hewitt, Mike Brown, Paul Stagner and myself left the DZ in two cars after a fun jump weekend headed back for LA. We started playing bumper tag in our cars driving along highway 14. we had our lights off in the dark and the object was to sneak up behind the other and tag the car, hence your it. Things got out of control and we started passing one another while the passenger would try to do stupid skydiver stuff to impress the other car. Mike and I beat out Mark and Paul when someone in our car got out on the hood buck naked at 100 miles per hour as we flew by the other car. Good thing we have all grown up over the last 20 years.

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