Any Magee MS Skydivers Out There

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That would be Scott Formby......

Wrote a story about Scott in the Scary stories from the ole days thread (about the time he backed into the 182 prop) http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1684381#1684381

10-12 years ago, while getting ready for work one morning, Scott began feeling ill, layed down on the couch, and died

birds relapse.:)

That's a good funny, Steve. After LTU got banned from jumping into homecoming game, Scott took it upon himself to do the deed...got som poor driver to let him out over the pregame. i put out a green smoke for him. He made the jump..and someone announced that in lieu of LTU spc, that alumni SF was inbound. He crashed into bleachers, dislocated his shoulder in the bad, wadded up, landing, shook a few hands arouhd, and ran to the north end field gate, where 'someone' was waiting to drive him away. Stopping not too far down the road, he got out, bashed his shoulder to get it back in position.. And away they went.. He in his signature black jumpsuit.

Last time i saw him, he had a needle in his inside wrist, hunting for a vein.

He was a good fellow, though.

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The last I heard John Mitchell was in Texas, Jerry Neel was in Miami, Mike Blaine passed away from cancer, Travis Creel and Robyn were still in Mississippi. I have no idea about Bookworm, Stable Mason, Charley Brown, or Roger Stubblefield. Would love to know where those guys are.

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I posted a short entry with one photo for Magee at DZGone.com. Would anyone like to write a short historical piece and maybe add some more photos?

Here's a link to the submission form. If the photos are too large to send, just email them to [email protected]
B-4600, C-3615, D-1814, Gold Wings #326, Diamond Wings #152.

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room!

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On 5/23/2008 at 11:58 AM, frynsky said:

That would be Scott Formby. He was my instructor and jumpmaster for my first jump. He lived in Shreveport for years, last saw him at a reunion in Shreveport years ago. The only La Tech jumper i am still in touch with is Tim Garlington, he still lives in Ruston, and comes on dz.com sometimes.....

Scott Formby, from Bossier City, died suddenly, in the late 80s or early 90s... He was a pal of mine, did an illegal jump into La Tech homecoming the year that LTU SPC was banned because one or more of the following, Ralph H. and Tim G,  and or Dudley B. made a jump into the LTU swimming pool (into a "congested area"), and brought down the FAA onto the club.  So FAA is not going to approved the homecoming jump, Formby gets some sucker pilot to fly him, I set the green smoke and have the getaway car ready.  We got someone into the press box to announce that "In lieu of the presentation by Louisiana Sport Parachute Club, today we have Louisiana Tech Alumni Scott Formby making the jump"

Formby did a crash landing into the lower seating, and dislocated his shoulder, but managed to gather his canopy, and run for the north end zone fence hole.  Jumped into the car, and away we blazed, got a few blocks away, Formby says "Stop, let me get out a minute", so he jumps out, slams his shoulder against the car's roof edge, to put his shoulder back into socket, and then we hauled ass, again

Nobody spoke, and nobody got called into court on this one. 

So over at the Old Venable Place, near Rayville, is Charlie T's strip, and we had a party over there with a couple of planes, a 180 and a 182.  I got my SCR, and later found Formby in the bathroom with a coke needle in his wrist, shooting up... he was out, but survived.

A couple of months later, he did pass on... too bad, blue skies, Scott, Shit For Brains.

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