YOUR single most dangerous jump.

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***Well... In my case I hope it was actaully the last one. Tried a Lightning, didn't dare hold the fronts low enough, got no flare out of it, was an idiot, broke my wrist. Yeah, yeah. Shit happens.

I've heard several people say that.

I remember watching a British CRW team train at Perris years ago. They would fly in and land a 4-stack with the team leader calling the flair from the top slot.

Every single time they would come in: [smack] [smack] [smack] [perfect landing]. Got to be that everyone would stop to watch whenever they were coming in. :D

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A few years ago, I was at a boogie, we were doing a 36 way formation load, I was in the lead plane, a sky-van. My exit position was on the starboard corner of the ramp/tailgate. My position in the formation was just outside the base. On ready, set, go, the guy next to me launches sideways, instead of backwards, slamming me into the side of the plane. I brushed that off and flew to my slot. Little did I know the impact had popped the pin on my main. Fine fitting rig that it was, there was no indication anything was wrong. I flew the entire dive with an open main container. We broke at five grand, I tracked away and had a normal deployment, though the container felt a bit mushy when I pulled. There was a guy with a camera helmet docked on my leg. The L.O. asked him if he had seen who had the open container, since the dedicated video guys had all seen it, but didn't know who it was. The guy on my leg said no, but he would check his video. As Gomer Pyle would say, surprise, surprise, surprise.
Don't worry about nuthin' cause nothin's gonna be okay.

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It was a long winter and someone had the brainstorm to make a jump in January.Would have been 1977. The only plane we could come up with was a Cherokee six. We all discussed the concept that if it was colder than minus 30 we would call it off. We lined up snowmobiles in case of a off field landing and a couple of 4x4 trucks.

After alot of BS Saturday comes around and its minus 35. But after all the headaches of organizing everything we decided to go. Whats an extra five degrees? The dz is about forty miles from the takeoff airport because the regular runway is snowed in for the winter.

Somebody's friend is up in the co-pilots seat for his first airplane ride ever. About a half way there he gets airsick so pukes out the door. Subsequent to getting back to the airport we had to put the airplane in a heated hanger to thaw and clean off little bits of carrots and peas which had frozen down the side of the plane.

So at those temperatures there is no playing around about clothes. I had on about everything I owned and every square inch of flesh was covered. I'm trying to spot the load out of a partially open aft port door, about 7500'. But my goggles keep fogging up. Finally we decide that our goggles would all clear up in freefall and after a quick four way we would try to all land in a group together.

So out I go and after a bit I can sort of see out of a corner of my goggles. Never saw another jumper the whole jump and after opening realized It would take everything I had to get to a vehicle as the whole intended landing area was snowed in. All the vehicles were next to the highway a 1/2 mile further downwind.

So downwind I go urging the paracommander to go as fast as it could. Gradually loosing all feeling in my hands and feet. My goggles are alternating becoming clearer and fogging up again. I did a quick turn into the wind, land and my canopy starts pulling me under the power lines right next to the highway.

I run like hell through the knee deep snow to collapse the canopy. Then zoom ,zoom two cars go by on the highway about forty feet away. While I try to wrap the canopy up.

Everybody came out of the affair OK but it took almost fifty minutes to retrieve the last guy. We all decided never to waste our time doing anything like that again and no one would admit to coming up with the idea in the first place.

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