Tom Schaffer D817

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When iwas stationed in Bamberg Germany in
1981.I read a URARMY mag and .That had
an article on Skydiving.That s how i hooked
up with Tom Schaffer.Who ran a Auto insurance
agency for GIS,in Bamberg.And he had about
forty rigs.mostly para commanders and Papillions.
and a few Strato clouds and a jalbert Para foil
he jumped himself.I think it cost me around a
hundred dollars for the training and the use of his
gear for the entire time that i chose to use it.
He would come and pick us up at the barracks
on saturdays and take us to the drop zone.Sometimes we got milatary hueys.jump all
day for a dollar.and other time we would go to German dzs.He gave my first jump certificate to
my fist sergent.with out my knowledge.And was presented to me in front of the company formation.
I always had great admiration for this man.And to
this day.Any one else out there start jumping with
Tom.or know if hes still alive?

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I was stationed in Nurnberg '72-'75. Mostly we jumped Hueys with the 3rd ID SPC (Aerobats) at Schweinfurt. Gas crunch grounded the Hueys for awhile so we went to the German DZ at Hassfurt where I met Tom. Great guy. Loaned me a Security Crossbow w/PC exactly like mine (which I almost put in the water) after I tore mine up on a mal. And he wasn't even the one doing the repair on my PC. Great guy. Don't know whatever happened to him but he is one of the best....

"...Death sharpens life, discipline sharpens pleasure..."

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Thomas D. Shafer is still a member of our club.
our dropzone is still in hassfurt
he retired from skydiving after suffering some heart problems. he still lives in bamberg.
I am proud that he was in touch with me at my beginning in 1989 and showed me some secrets of skydiving.
I passed my A-D license rating and my SL-instructor course under his supervision as a S&TA.
as he is a texas guy, I guess he will live a lot longer than me.
I will say hello to him from you.
greetz, hajo

With sufficient thrust,
pigs just fly well

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