Glidersports Memorial weekend boogie

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I know a lot of people who are going who are posters here. for 99 bucks all you can jump (if you signed up in time for the discount) I'm sure there will be a lot of people showing up, last I heard it was 125 signed up for the 99 bucks. I also hear it will be on their new location, a private 50 acre dz.
you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo

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From the Facebook page


LAST TWO DAYS! You have until April 25th to register for this most Awesome event at the $99 rate. As of April 26th the price will go up to $199. ALL YOU CAN JUMP! Don't miss out! Last years load hog averaged just over $3./jump. This year it could be you!

you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo

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Glidersports Memorial Cluster F#@k 900 Boogie.

Experenced jumpers!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever thought you could jump for $3.60 per load from 14K or above?????? Well, here we are again, giving you the chance to be the LOAD HOG of the year! Get your jump ticket as low as you can by taking advantage of the one fee for as many jumps as you can make in 3 days of crazy jumping. Oxygen loads will be happening throughout the weekend for an additonal charge. If weather grounds us, there is a make up date set over Father's Day weekend. Now that you have all the details.......GET OUT HERE AND PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exclusive paid packers available starting at $150/day and up. Packers available per pack job as well. Inquire on site and we'll hook you up as best we can. These are going FAST!

Wes McCauley will be Load Organizing Relative Work Skydives from 4-Way to 15-Way. We will primarily be focusing on smaller ways but if there is enough interest and talent the plane holds 15. Wes has been Load Organizing for over 30 years and cut his teeth at Richmond "The Boogie" with the likes of Scotty Carbone as well as some others.

Derren and Brandon from iFly Kansas City will be heading up the freely load organizing. These guys are incredible flyers and tunnel coaches with hours of flying time and are ready to help you achieve your free flying goals.

Saturday night BBQ dinner and Beer tickets available for $35 (register jumper, or $50 non-registered jumper). Catering provided by Swine Flu BBQ along with all the fixin’s. Swine Flew BBQ is a Kansas City Favorite and has been running the boogie circuit for years. Check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SwineFlewBBQ/

Saturday Night – Four piece LIVE band – Some of the heaviest hitters KC has to offer. (You may have heard them playing at some of the biggest theaters in the area!)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have at least one onsite food vendor for breakfast and lunch available for purchase insuring you won't even have to leave the drop zone if you don't want to.

50/30/20 Amp camper power available. First come, first serve. Limited slots available. Call with advance notice and we may even be able to install a slot just for you. :D

BOOGIE GOODIE BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊

From now until opening day, the one time registration fee of $199 is in effect. Think that's too much? Call and whine to us why you feel you deserve to pay less and if you're story is good enough we just might discount it for you. After all it is a Cluster F#@k Boogie!

660-351-2883 ask for Garret and you better have a good story because with Garrett... you're going to need one. ;)

Gary "Superfletch" Fletcher
D-26145; USPA Coach, IAD/I, AFF/I

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