Boogies in Canada [Help me find them!]

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I am currently putting together a list of 2017 boogies in Canada,
my list so far is
The Great Canadian Free Fall Festival at Skydive Okanagan for Canada Day long weekend.
BC Day North West Boogie at Skydive Vancouver for August Long Weekend.
and Usually Skydive Burnaby holds a festival / Boogie for September long weekend.

Are there any other big ones that the DZO's hold?

Thank you
Skydiving boogie calendar

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Skydive Gananoque has their annual boogie too -- where there are two turbines on the dropzone at the same time.

NouvelAir in Toronto has one too.

Might want to reach out to them...

Gan's is Labour Day Weekend, and the last couple of years has included a Skyvan. NouvelAir's not in Toronto, it's in Quebec.

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Gan just opened last weekend. Try their Facebook page. I haven't seen the plan for this summer's boogie, but it'll be Labour Day weekend. It's called The Boobies Boogie, it raises money for breast cancer research (we lost one of the family to it a few years ago), and well, wear pink, come jump and drink and feast. Last year's had a Skyvan, some awesome organizers, beer donated by Beau's in Ottawa, and catering from Tommy's in Kingston, awesome barbecue. There was no "boogie fee", just tickets for dinner.

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Looks like some fun events! How would you rank the following, as in not-to-miss? I'm primarily a wingsuiter. Looking for great aircraft, scenery, decent weather, a good vibe, evening shenanigans and beer, eh. Kinda like Lost Prairie of the north...

Great Canadian Free Fall Festival
Northwest Boogie
Boobies Boogie

Leaning towards Okanagan for the timing and scenery. Didn't see anything on their website about the event. Any details anyone can share are welcome.


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