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We have used them a few times and they're pretty awesome so far. We treat them as our own place and it works out pretty well. Some even include free snacks and such.
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We've used AirBnB in Europe, Canada, NZ, and the USA, and had a lot of great experiences and a few so-so ones, but we continue to use them almost exclusively now for travel (the wife and I). I've even used them a few times for business travel, just to switch it up a bit.

We've rented whole houses/apartments and also just a room. In addition to the good "read the reviews" advice, I would also caution if you are just renting a room, be aware that you are living with other people which is a lot more of a crapshoot than getting a whole place to yourself. Some owners are never around or are mouse-quiet, others are more invasive which can be good or bad. The worst for us was staying with a family with a young child who woke everyone up crying at 4 am cause he wet the bed. Not the end of the world, but not what we wanted on a vacation either.
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Hi Ski and Dough.

Your both correct in a way. AirBNB is like a box of chocolate you don't know whats in the center until you bite into it.

NEWSFLASH: Sorry you'll have to google this.

Trump towers had a condo listed on ABNB for a long time until about a week ago. ;):S:S

Only $300 - $450/night
Great view of the Manhattan skyline.
Excellent security.

FWIW I'm not a fan of AirBNB.

To the mods this is not a political rant, or a anti new wave rant:) The knowledge gained from this thread may enhance the skydivers DZ experience.

If you want to hide this thread in the deep black hole in SC what ever floats your boat.


One Jump Wonder

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I have been using it for the last few years when going to events at Sebastian. There's a lot to be said about not sleeping in a tent and having a hot shower when you start to get a bit older.

I typically stay at the same woman's house whenever I go. she has private door to the room and there's even enough space to pack a rig if needed. $35 bucks a night.

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