Kharkov Ukraine - Not aware of any DZ so who is instructing jumpers?

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I am in Kharkov Ukraine at the moment. There's a lot of "extreme sports" events around here. For example last year I was here and accepted an invite to "paraglide" which basically consisted of meeting some people, finding a spot and going up with an instructor whose abilities and experience I had no way to verify.

As far as I can tell or know that is also the case with skydiving in this area. I'm not aware of any drop zones nearby. As far as I know, I won't have any way to verify experience and without that, of course I am not going up with rented gear that is owned by God knows who, with a reserved packed by God knows who. I asked if these invites getting sent out were for tandems and was told that you are "taught" and then go up alone as far as I know (hopefully with someone that has some idea of what they are doing in an AFF style teaching structure).

Really just curious if anyone knows anything about common practice in this area. Who (like USPA) issues licenses in Ukraine and provides guidelines, safety standards and rules, etc? Are people around here just buying rigs and jumping without any kind of oversight or what? I know there is at least one dropzone in Kiev and I imagine it is a legitimate DZ, but I am only assuming. None exist that I can see in the Kharkov area.
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