Making a jump in Japan - Tokyo area

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I'll be there the first week of April.
I see there are three DZ's listed in Parachutist as being USPA affiliates.
I have thousands of jumps
A D licence
I am current and can show a log book.............. honest.

Any advice on how to be able to make a jump while i am there?

I will email the three DZ's
I know the weather may be "interesting"

Any advice on how to make this happen?
Am willing to take a train to leave the Tokyo area, any excuse to Shikansen is a good excuse.


Craig F

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I contacted Tokyo Skydiving Club a couple of years ago on [email protected] They were super friendly, helping out with all the hoops you need to jump through to go skydiving in Japan. IIRC you need to be part of their national association and have local insurance. They offered to fill in all the papers and everything. The only thing I had to do was go to a local post office once in Japan to pay for the insurance. I never ended up going though so I couldn't say anything about the DZ as such. They even offered to pick me up from the train, so I'm sure the atmosphere has to be great.

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I jumped there in 2006. The Tokyo Skydiving club is located at the Honda Airport about 2-3 hours outside of Tokyo (train and bus).
One ticket (credit cards where not accepted, cash only) was about 60$.
They had a Cessna 208 at that time which could carry 8 skydivers only, because seats had to be installed for some reason.
There were tandem instructors from Europe, so you could speak english and also the national 4-way teams (which usually train in the US) spoke english.
You had to apply for a temporary japanese parachute associations membership in advance (50$).

It was in 2006, I had no smartphone and it was quite hard to make the way back to Tokyo, because in that area all bus timetables, etc. were in japanese language only, and most of the locals do not speak english at all.

I was there because a friend got married to a japanese girl, and had let him do the paperwork in advance.

If you need any help, let me know, I could ask my japanese speaking friend to call the dropzone for details.

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