Everglades Boogie THIS WEEKEND!

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Hey all, don't forget the Everglades Boogie is this weekend at Skydive Spaceland Florida in Clewiston! We'll have a Super Caravan and a Super Skyvan (raft jumps!!!)!

More details:

Jan. 22-24, 2016
Registration - $25 (
Don't forget you can save time at the boogie by [url "http://florida.skydivespaceland.com/shop/lift-tickets/everglades-boogie-tickets/">buying lift tickets online
ahead of time!


Golden Knights: Freefly / Belly Fly / Wingsuit


As always, we'll have raffle prizes and giveaways from vendors on-site, including Aerodyne Research, Blue Skies Mag, Chuting Star, Para-Gear, and more!


When the planes stop flying, the fun keeps going! There's plenty of fun stuff going on in the camper area (this is the one event each year when we can camp here!).

* DJ Saturday night
* Camping available (Self contained)


You are welcome to camp here free during the boogie, or you can check out local hotels on our website (some of which have skydiver rates!).

Stay tuned to the Facebook event page for updates, and we hope to see you there!

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That was about it ... The Skyvan was the only "specialty" aircraft at this "shrinking" event...

...Rewind to 2008 through 2011 and we had an L-39 to fly in (not a jump plane), Balloon, Pitts Special, 4 aircraft (including the skyvan), a UH1 huey, hi-alt load, night jumps, almost a "Quincy" near lake Okeechobee each year.
Fly High ... Don't "Get High"!

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Sadly, you are right. The Everglades Boogie will probably never have that big of a flight line again, just like we will probably never have another Quincy (World FreeFall Convention). As much fun as it was, as aviation and liability have evolved over the years in the U.S., many of the specialty aircraft we flew in the past are now too restricted and/or too expensive given the uncertainty of weather at any skydiving event. Also, Miami Center has asked that we not do high-altitude jumps during the boogies, as it's just too much for them handle with all of the other activity in this area. Also, we have never done night jumps during the boogie and never would due to the party atmosphere.

We do look forward to having at least a Super Caravan and Super Skyvan, and hopefully a Super Otter and helicopter, on next year's flight line! Stay tuned for more details!

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