Places to spend a week jumping in Europe

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Hi guys,

I have been a lurker around here most of the time, but now it comes the time to ask you a question: I am planning on going on a 1-week vacation with my SO, and we were thinking about spending a week jumping somewhere in Europe (northern-eastern). Bear in mind that we live in Dubai, so we could actually go somewhere in Asia too if it's worth it, so I am open to hear your advice. But it has to be a DZ newbie-friendly (we have 150 ish jumps only at the moment) and they should have rental gear (we don't have our own rigs yet). And if it's possible, not very cold! we could barely stand it, hahaha

Any advice?

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When are you going?

If you're looking to get in a decent number of jumps with great scenery, I can recommend Skydive voss ( http://www.skydivevoss.no/ ) , With awesome mountains (yes, mountain flying is organized) and fjords, the scenery is unbeatable imho. Prices are somewhat higher than the rest. Not sure when they close for the season though.

DZ Denmark has some great facilities and even a swoop pond ... but since you live in Dubai, that's probably not as exotic to you as it is to us north Europeans.

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