Review for DZ in South Korea please

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I have a young skydiving friend that just got stationed in South Korea and wants to jump. She said Skydive South Korea is close enough for her to visit. She has less than 100 jumps and would need to rent gear so she wants to know that the place is safe.

Can anyone recommend the place or anywhere else in South Korea?

Chuck Akers
Houston, TX

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South Korea technically still at a war with North Korea, therefore general aviation is extremely limited to none existing level.

Last time I heard that they were jumping out of helicopter taking you to 8000ft at the price of $100+ dollar per jump. There are no permanent dz structure any where. They all set up a tent for a day and put tarps on the ground as a packing area.

I doubt that they have rental rigs.

There are good rock climbing spots near Seoul.
There are lots of buildings to jump with super easy access. Landing is difficult due to parking lot always being full of cars and hilly surface.

They only schedule for jumps during late spring through early fall, per approval by military. They might get lucky if they send more than 5 loads out of cessena or out of those military choppers. About 10 years ago out of desperation they were jumping out of ultralights going up to 1500-2000 ft. The Koreans all go somewhere else, Austrailia, California to jump. They have to save money for a year or two and bust it out on a one trip. That's why they are kind of sketchy skydivers. Not current enough, and not enough exposure.

There are about three Korean freeflyers that can fly headdown, and just about three Korean swoopers that can land on rear riser/doing bigger turn than 270. Not counting American-Koreans. That shows you the infancy of Korean skydiving.
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Hey, Chuck.

I lived in S. Korea for 9.5 years until recently. Unless you live up by Seoul, don't even bother. With gas at around 8 dollars a gallon, each jump at $100 and the annual dues of $100 plus food and shelter, your first jump sets you back around $500!

In the alternative, you can take the hydrofoil from Busan to Fukuoka, Japan and hop on the bullet train!
I'm back in the USA!!

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