Eloy, February 23-March 6th

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Hey all,

I'm heading to Eloy for a couple weeks later this month. A group of friends will also be coming down sporadically and I may be extending my trip.

I would love the opportunity to meet and jump with some dz.commers during the trip. I am working on freeflying (specifically sit right now) and will bring a Phantom3 which I absolutely stink at flying. I am staying in the bunkhouse and have transportation so if anyone would like a ride to or from Phoenix or Mesa during that time just reply or send a PM and I'll be happy to help out if possible.

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Hey! I'd love to jump with you. I usually jump at Elsinore but want to start jumping at Eloy, especially since Im only 3 hours away. I am also working on free fly and am working on perfecting my sit.

Lets stay in touch and get together whenever you get in town.

I'll be jumping all day (and night when the loads are running) starting on Tuesday the 24th. I have a friend doing some work stuff in Marana, he will be up there every chance he gets and two other guys coming down for either a long weekend or a full week. If you can make weekdays we could do two way stuff and get in some bigger stuff on the weekend. I'll pm a cell number next week before I head down there.


Are you doing load organizing on the weekends? I think we actually met last year and discussed the Curv while waiting for the wind to quit. Look forward to seeing you again.

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